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formats from intralink


New member
Using ProE 2001 with Intralink 3.3. How do I make ProE get drawing formats stored in a Formats folder in Intralink? I have the config option pro_format_dir set to intralink://cs/Root Folder/Library/Formats. Starting a new drawing and selecting empty with a format should allow me to browse in the correct place. I must browse up from System Formats to Common Space>Library>Formats. What I am I missing?

Thanks, Eddie


New member
Before starting ProE, you must check out your format you want in your workspace. Then when you create a new drawing with empty format you select in the workspace the format you need (there is an icon on the top of the window which represent the workspace).

The option pro_format_dir isn't necessary.



New member
When working with ProE 2001 and ProIntralink 3.3, option pro_format_dir doesn't work at all. It still points to the default format directory ('System Formats'), defined in ProE config files.

'pro_format_dir cs:\\Root Folder\[whatever dir]' is valid only with Wildfire and Intralink.




New member

i don't think proe2001 can browse directly into the cs. you may consider creating a mapkey to browse into your format path in the cs.



Eddie, I use this setting & it works OK (in Wildfire, mind...) -
note how the line includes ilcs & the name of your intralink

pro_format_dir ilcs://servername/Root Folder/Standards/Formats

I've got another question on this same subject:

We use drawing templates with the format already in place, then when
the drawings are saved to a blank workspace, the format status is "New"
- but conflicting with the Commonspace version...

Anyone got a way round this?




New member
One way around is not to have format in template. It sounds as a stupid answer. but:

I have only 3 templates (part, asm, drw) but 12 formats (A4-A0 one for
parts and one for asm, and some in both portrait, and in landscape. I
have make a mapkey that all users use to make a new drawing. Then just
have to select model and format. THis is fast for the user, and I also
think easy for administration, because I only have one drawing template
and not one template for each format.

FYI I also use Intralink, and template and format are taken from
Intralink. I do not have any problems with new or modify objects for
the template or formats (but for a lot of other objects :)..)

If you have interest then I can add the mapkey to a reply.



I had considered the option of removing the format (after thinking it
was a bit strange!) - but it's interesting to hear about people already
using that method.

It would definitely avoid some problems we've had with out-of-date
formats, or the "New" message I mentioned. We currently have a
raft of mapkeys to replace all kinds of formats, so they could continue
to be used...

I may trial this with one group, to see how it goes.




New member
It is 2 mapkeys. The first change the format, the next for new drawings. I reuse the first in the next.

mapkey afr @MAPKEY_NAMEAdd format to drawing;@MAPKEY_LABELAdd Format;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Select `main_dlg_cur` `MenuBar1`1 `File`;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Close `main_dlg_cur` `MenuBar1`;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Activate `main_dlg_cur` `File.psh_page_setup`;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Select `pagesetup` `TblFormats`2 `1` `fmt`;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Open `pagesetup` `TblFormats_INPUT`;~ Close `pagesetup` `TblFormats_INPUT`;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Select `pagesetup` `TblFormats_INPUT`1 `12`;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Select `pagesetup` `TblFormats_INPUT`1 `13`;\

mapkey(continued) @MANUAL_PAUSE1. Select format\n2. Resume\nRemember to change drawing date if \

mapkey(continued) old format exist;~ Activate `file_open` `Open`;~ Activate `pagesetup` `OK`;r;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Activate `0_std_confirm` `OK`;

mapkey _sd @MAPKEY_NAMECreate a new company drawing;\

mapkey(continued) @MAPKEY_LABELNew Invacare drawing;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Select `main_dlg_cur` `MenuBar1`1 `File`;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Close `main_dlg_cur` `MenuBar1`;~ Activate `main_dlg_cur` `File.psh_new`;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Select `new` `Type`1 `Drawing`;~ Input `new` `InputPanel1` ``;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Update `new` `InputPanel1` ``;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Activate `new` `chk_use_default_template`1 ;\

mapkey(continued) @MANUAL_PAUSE1. Type drawing name\n2. Resume;~ Activate `new` `OK`;\

mapkey(continued) ~ FocusIn `dwg_create` `inp_model_name`;\

mapkey(continued) @MANUAL_PAUSE1. Select model\n2. Resume;\

mapkey(continued) ~ FocusIn `dwg_create` `inp_model_name`;~ Activate `dwg_create` `psh_ok`;\

mapkey(continued) %afr;

Let me here if you can use it or not