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fonts with single line strokes


New member
I'm looking for more "simple" fonts. not the true type with
thickness, but just characters made with single line strokes. to
use in cosmetic grove features for engraving.

I am having great difficulty finding anything that isn't a fancy true type font.

any ideas?

Thanks, Dan


New member
Sorry I wasn't more clear. (I'm looking for more "simple" fonts)I mean besides "font"

I would like a whole bunch of the stick figure type fonts.


New member
jrobi said:
look thru the available fonts- lots of options

what are you talking about "available fonts"? Where do I look?

I find only cal_alf, cal_greek, font, isofont, leroy, norm_font. and since I cant read greek, that's 5 fonts that all look about the same.

and the resolution of all those fonts is terrible.

I'm looking for something nice and more script-likeso I can carve an addresssign for my freinds new house warming gift.