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Flip datum on linear diameter


Is there any way to move a datum symbol applied to a linear diameter dimension from one leader line to the other? This should be easy but I think it is impossible. I want to move the datum B symbol to the top leader line of the .409 diameter so it does not overlap the part geometry.View attachment 1181


New member
My workaround was to redefine the reference datum plane B. I put it on the other (top) end of the hole. Probably there's much better solution but that was, I think, the fastest one.
Yes skraba its much more easy than your fastest way.

Select the Datum B rmb and select flip witness line.

Tell me does that work?



Thanks Write2bush, that worked! I didn't think I could select datum B because it wasn't pre-highlighting or highlighting when I tried to pick it. But it did show up in the text window. Picking the diameter dimension highlighted the datum but didn't give the flip witness line menu. Datum B is a datum axis internal to the feature so it can't be picked from the model tree either. Definately a bug in WF2's object selection.