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Flexible Collapsible Part


New member

Does anyone know, how to create a flexible collapsible (tubular) part, that can be extended out and shrunk back down?

Any help would be grateful.

If you're talking about flexible part with help of external references (part that depends on external geometry), you can use latter.

Create protrusion up to surface where surface is flexible collapsable external reference. Your part will automatically adopt external geometry and will be regenerated with new dimensions.

If you're talking about spring-like parts where part would expand/compress itself... that is more complex stuff. You could use Pro/Program then.
I meant the complex expand/compress model. I will have to have a go at Pro/Program.

Any guiding hints on it, not that used to that area of ProE

Have you used flexible components in Wildfire. If you are using Wildfire, then in assembly mode you use flexible components.



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