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Flattening a vase


New member
Anyone have any ideas on how to take the profile of a vase and flatten it? I've tried copying the surfaces and using a Flatten Quilt, but it will only let me flatten one side of the vase. If I merge the two halves together it freaks out.


New member
it freaks out

that is cool


sums proe up basically

ive been a user for 7 yrs and that is the best responce i have heard yet about proe crashing/feature failure

good luck with the problem

can you not just mirror geometry?


New member
Have you tried creating silhouette curves from the surfaces and then creating a flat surface or surface by boundaries?

David Martin

Torgon Industries


New member
I recently used a flatten quilt on a complex surface and hopefully got the result I needed. Seemed to be fairly precise. But, I just had to see for myself what flatten quilt was doing and how it functioned. Seeing this thread, I would attempt a vase like feature and attempt to flatten it. The results were not exactly what I thought they would be. One complete surface could not be flattened, but two could. I intentionally made the connecting surfaces tangent in the vertical position. Note the last feature (datum curve) does not touch on the left side when mirrored during creation?