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File Preview


New member
Is there a config option that turns off the preview on the File open dialogue box after each use.

I often use the preview function to quickly find the correct drawing or part file. The problem I have is thatifI try to open an other file, the file dialogue boxcan automatically try to preview an assembly. If it happens to be a large assembly this can take some time to load up.

Any ideas.


which version of proe are u using ?

with wf2 if you close once the preview window, it doesn't show up again next time until you activate it again

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but as i remember right, that issues also for 2001

if you close once the preview window, it doesn't show up next time until you activate it again


New member
XCAD where using 2001 and the preview is the same as Wildfire2.

The main problem I have is that we save files as part numbers, which inturn gives no descriptive clues of the part/assy; hence the users are tending to use preview to get a view of the part/assy. Once they have found the correct part/assy, they then click on 'open' instead of closing the preview box first.

The next time they attempt to open a part/assy the preview boxs opens and trys to preview what ever part/assy that it seems to choose. When this is the General Assembly (1000 parts +) this can take ages and be rather fustrating when you don't actually need it!.

The only possible solution I can think of so far are:-

1) Create a map key that opens the file dialogue box and shuts the preview box immediately. If you click the preview box quick enough it stops the preview process before it starts.

2) Add a blank part in the directory and correctly name it to ensure that the open dialogue box selects this instead of any other part/assy. What rules to pro-engineer use when opening another part/assy in the dialogue box. Why doe's it tend to open the biggest bloody assy.

hope you can help


the second solution seems to me to be the best of

sorry but my knowledge cannot help you further about your problem....

let's hope another member give us the solution