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File Open


New member
I have one problem with ProE 2001 Build 2003010.

When I click on File... Open the computer take about 5 to 10 secondes before displaying the Open Dialog Box. I don't have this problem with other application like MS Office.

My Working directory are set on my local hard drive.

My config:

Windows 2000 SP2

Intel Xeon 2Ghz


36Gb Ultra 320 SCSI



New member
I've seen similar behavior if there are a significant number of files in the working directory (>500). But I haven't run build 2003010. It may be a different issue.


New member
Ok but last month, I change my computer from PIII to my Intel Xeon. With my old computer I did not have this problem and I had the same Working Directory with the same number of files.


New member
I have found the cause of my problem... I have change my video Card from ATI-Fire GL X1 to a old ATI-FIRE GL2 and the problem is gone.

But now I have a another problem the image doesn't not refresh properly...

I want to change again my video card with a Nvidia Quadro4 900 XGL anyone have problem with this video card ?


New member
that is the graphic card which is certified by ptc for proE. don't think that you'll have any problem with your graphics using the piece of high end product..


New member
Any graphics card can take some troubleshooting before reaching the performance you are looking for. If you have issues just experiment with diffrent drivers and changing various setting in the graphics card's control panel. But as ksboo79 stated the Quadro4 XGL 900 is a high-end peice of hardware you shouldn't have much trouble.