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fea in mechanica


New member
I am trying to run fea for a middle housing that is acting like thin
wall pressure vessel. Due to the complexity oc the mdole I cut to
1/4. I have an external pressure of 1600 psi. How would I
go about constraining the model. see below picture.


View attachment 1145


New member
please, but could you give more information about your model?..it is just external pressure or there is another load to consider?, how is it the rest of your full model, etc..


New member
These are typical symetryconstraints, theydepend on calculating solid or shell:

Solid: The cutting plane must stay in thie sameplane. You fix in x the yz cutting plane and fix in y the xz cutting plane.

Shell: The cutting edge must stay in the cutting plane andthe wallmust stay normal to that plane. You fix in x and rotation z the yz cutting edge and fix in y and the rotation z the xz cutting edge.

Good luck


New member

Thanks for tha Advice. After several tirals I was able to establish my constain and they where as you specified!