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But if you're surprised about the "few things you can find standard" I was wondering about the foundation of the choice. Have you been misinformed, misled, ... ?

Family tables are one of the key items to know, but you have to learn how to use this. There is no solution "out-of-the-box" that will apply to your line of business (which you didn't tell by the way and would be very informative if you want first-hand information).

Same goes for user-defined features. In a sheetmetal shop you might be intrested to use predefined cutouts, but you might just as well want to standardize on fasteners, so the same question as before stands.



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I agree with you in saying that it depends on the line of business, but some features, as "center points for shafts", "tooth for gears", "slots accord to DIN Standard", "ring grooves according to DIN Standard" an more.

We are dedicated to design general machinery. I think that tooling a shaft is the same in Spain than in Belgium.

For your information, I was studing the choice between SEdge, SWorks,Catia and Pro/e and none of the suppliers ofered me solutions out of the box, as you say.



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osearch in google "pro engineer part download free"

you'll see a lot of results and search in them.

Another way is find in the web of suppliers, sometimes they design the parts with family tables, for example PEM (screws threads)

Hasta otra,



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Beside what you can find here, try a web search for Pro/Engineer & Tutorial. Will turn up a lot of hits (a lot for older versions that you may have to do some interpolating on). Refine the search with additional terms.

Try http://www.caddigest.com/subjects/pro_engineer/tutorials_pro e.htm to start.
It has a listing of newer tutorials covering various subjects.

If you are paying for support you have access to PTC's Knowledge Base that has Suggested Technique articles. It's probably worth the price of a year's maint for someone just starting on Pro/E. There are also supplier catalog links on the site.

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on the layer tree far right click on the little hammer/folder(connections)/catalogs there's a few vendors catalogs with free downd loads were you can find fasteners etc. that might be helpfull.


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<DIV> anybody know the pro program,if know the pro program means ,please give the small example of the program in step by step procedure,it will urgent,please help(i am waiting for that program)</DIV>
<DIV> thanks</DIV>