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faster zoom, rotate and pan WF2


when having a large assembly loaded. zoom rotate and pan, can reduce in smoothness. try this

->view ->display settings ->preformance ->level of detail (check box) and set it to like 50%

instanty everything speeds up. things can turn a little blocky
when moving them around on the screen. depending on how much u set the
level of detail, but they adjust perfectly when u fisnish the movement.


New member
For large assembly I have this config.pro options set:

frames_per_sec yes
frames_per_sec_value 2
display_silhouette_edges no
fasthlr yes
lods_enabled yes
lods_value 5

Also you may put the icon Levels of detail on/off to the menu bar so you can control when models is displayed in high level of detail, or small level of detail when you zoom, rotate or pan.