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Family Tables.....

red devil

New member
Does anyone know if you can have a family table where the model name can varyas well as dimensions. For example a family table for self tapping screws where the model name can be: No4x1/4_pan_head or No4x1/2_pan_head and so on. I'f like to know if this is possible so that the correct screw size is shown in the model tree.

Thanks in advance



New member
Can't you just add the description as someting to change in the family table? If I'm understanding what you're asking, I do it all the time.

red devil

New member
It's the filename that I need to change, can you do that in family tables? I am quite new to family tables, I've never really ahd to use then before.


New member
You cannot change the name of the generic model's file from Family Tables.

In a situation like yours where you have a family of screws, it's best if the generic file name is also generic; i.e. PanHeadScrew.prt. In Family Tables, each instance is given a specific name, i.e. No4x1/2 in the leftmost column.

Part of the magic of Family Tables is that you can have MANY parts in ONE file. Each part (or instance) already has its own name (in the left column). When you assemble a partthat has a Family Table defined, you will be asked to choose either the generic or one of the instancesthat appearin the table. This name will be visible in boththe Model Tree and BOMofthe assembly.