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Family table problems with Wildfire / Intralink


New member
We recently began using Wildfire with Intralink. I have seen two problems with family tables. PTC has filed SPR's on each of them. I just wanted to see if anyone else has run into this and if you have any ideas on how to make life easier with these issues.

First we found that when we opened an assembly and then saved it in Wildfire the first time, all sheetmetal family table parts were marked as modified and therefore saved. If all the instances were not checked out, we could not save the assembly at all. This happens without making any changes to the parts. It also happens to some non-sheet metal family table parts, but mainly sheet metal.

The second issue is that some family table parts which were verified successfully in Wildfire are becoming unverified if an instance in the table is used in an assembly and the assembly is regenerated. This causes the part to be marked as modified and pro/e saves a new version.

Thanks for any insight you have on these issues.
We are looking at this move too. However. PTC tells me that Wildfire build code 2003490 and Intralink 3.3 2003290 build of Pro/E and Intralink have got family table issues. Since we are heavily into family tabled parts, we will probably not make the move until all is clear.