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family table for mold base


New member
Hi dear freinds

Can u please suggest how to create a family table for a mold base in assembly

Thax & ragards


New member
Create a skeleton assembly like so:

1. datum planes at top and bottom of all plates.

2. datum planes at all edges of plates.

3. create plates using the datum planes to control their size.

4. create axes for all standard pins, bushings, bolts, dowels.

5. pattern all axes with pattern table

6. give short logical names to all dimensions

7. assemble and ref pattern all pins, bushings, bolts, dowels

that control these features.

8. add all dimensions and corresponding components to the family table.

9. create instances for each size to set these variables for any particular base.

10. use <copy instance to generic> option in family table to set the moldbase parameters to the desired size (don't use replace command).

The mold base should probably be a seperate sub-assembly from you mold design.