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Family Table & Excel


New member

I have a problem with a family table of a part (. prt) when I decide to add varied or to modify some parameters editing the family table with excel. The problem consists that from one day to the other the time of attended of the start of excel with the data of the family table you/he/she has been passed since second to six (6) minutes!!!. I use Pro/engineer 2001 datacodes 2005030, the family table contains around 500 variations and 50 among paametri feature and managed quotas.


This document is translated by Italian into English in automatic.


New member
Hi Nino,

To edit family tables, I always export the table as text. The file that is exported can be edited with Notepad.
Afterwards, you can import it.

I never was succesful exporting/importing to and from Excel.

If you have a table with multiple levels, you can only export one level at the time, also when exporting to Excel.

Kind regards