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Failure to Regenerate


New member
Hello All,

Was wondering if anybody else has come accross parts that will not regenerate!??

I have an assembly that sends two coppied Geom points to a Part (just a 1/2" round bar)

Within the part I measure the dist between the 2 pts and set the length of the bar equal to the measure using a relation analysisfeature!.....

When I edit the extrude it shows up the correct value of the measure....if i measure the bar it comes up with a different value!!!!

If I regenerate, the model tells me there are no changes! and doesn't regen

It takes me to force regen the part by opening model player and stepping through the part with the regen each feature ticked......it will then update to the correct value!!!!!!

Any Ideas????


New member
Try adding a relation (through "relations") in the part that sets a dummy variable to the distance between the 2 points. It can take a relation, that needs to be evaluated, to make ProE regenerate the model or a parameter.

Not sure if it will work, but it is worth a try.



New member
I cannot speak for Wildfire, but this has been my lesson on 2001. Copied geometry can be trouble. Not only must you have the assembly/part where the points are copied from in memory, you must have it open in a session window.

I thought if I had the part where I copied the geometry from in memory, the part that had the copied geometry would update. I thought my part was updating and it was not. We now have two assembled components running down the production line that do not fit properly because of this issue.

Only when I called up the part where the geometry was copied from active and regenerated from the beginning, switched window to the part that had the copied geometry and regenerated, did I get the correct results.