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failed to take or refresh license


New member
I am getting this error "failed to take or refresh license" when I try to login to pro/intralink 3.3 on any of my workstations, including the server.

As far as I know there have been no system changes on the server, because everything was working correctly yesterday.

There are no virus/spyware on any of the workstations or on the server. I use eTrust products and they are all up to date.

We are using Wildfire 2.0 (M090) and Pro/Intralink 3.3 (M021)


New member
We have the same problem on all clients today as well. We have checked for virus issues, spyware issues, etc. All systems clean and pingable.

I have performed a fresh install on a new client machine, and still have the same issue.

We are running Intralink 3.3 (M021) as well.