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Exporting "Protected" dxf or dwg files to vendor


New member
I have a vendor / customer that requires .dxf / .dwg files. We have proprietary information and need these files to be protected.........any suggestions? We would prefer to send PDF but they need to use it in and AutoCad enviroment. Also looking for information on the Shrinkwrap this a ProE only format?

Thanks in advance


New member
Not sure exactly what you are attempting to do. Do you want the vendor to view the files, but not have complete geometrical information or are you afraid to pass the information along through the internet?

Here is some good information on shrinkwrap:

If you are afraid to send the information through the net, use WinZip or another ZIP program using a password protected ZIP file.


New member
donha.....Yes, I want the vendor to view the files, but not have complete geometrical information..........this is it in a nut shell. Our vendors use AutoCAD to do catalogs and such and they ask for the corresponding AutoCAD formats. We have had competitors copy our product in the past and are just now starting to deal with the piracy. The question was if I could protect our geometrical information in some sort of AC format. I am not overly familiar with AC and they seem to have difficulties with the PDF route. Thanks for the Shrink-wrap info..


We use PDF primarily. AutoCAD has a new proprietary viewing format that they are promoting as a better alternative to PDF. I forget what they call it. It has a free viewer like Acrobat.