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Exporting BOM from Intralink to AS400


New member
Anyone out there know about exporting Pro-E WF 2.0 BOMs to AS400?

How about simply exporting BOMs in general? Anyone know an easy way to re-format the BOM when opening it in Excel?



New member
Attached is a procedure I wrote 2 years ago for exporting a BOM table in a Pro/E drawing to Excel. It required an intermediate step of modifying the file in Notepad Editor before transferring to Excel.

If you know of simpler, more direct method, please post it.

Export ProE Ass


New member
Thanks for the response, Chris. This works well. The only catch is that I really want to export the BOM in an indented format (much like the one that Pro-E generates, with subassemblies listed below, etc.). Unfortunately, with your technique our designers would have to dig back into the subassembly drawings in order to generate the required information.

I've been able to use a similar technique to yours, though, and it's pretty quick and easy. I just substitute the Pro-E bom for the BOM table and make a few tweaks.

In the long run, though, we're going to want to be able to export the BOMs directly into our ERP system (AS400). We might be able to use this temporary technique for a while, though...