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Exporting Assy to .stp(STEP)-duplicate filenames??


New member
Hi everyone,

Well it's definitely the middle of another week and I've got a question...I'm trying to export an assembly to .stp format so that I can bring it into UG. Here's the problem, when Pro is outputting the files to .stp format it is renaming any duplicate files (i.e.. screws that appear in assembly more than once). This in turn is screwing up what I want to do with the assembly in UG. Are there any options possibly to control this or has anyone else experienced the same thing and found another workaround? Any help is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks.

Best Regards,

Chad V. Schuette

[email protected]


New member
I don't know how UG works, so please tell us why this causes problems.

How many screws are we talking about? Can you create a simplified rep first, showing only one unique screw, then add them to the UG assembly separately after it's imported?


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