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Export multisheet drw to DWG


New member
Hi everybody,

I have a multisheet drawing (5 sheets in total). I would like to export it in DWG files. (one for each single sheet).

I tried with a mapkey, to generate a different name depending on the active sheet number but it did not work.

The help menu talk about a "<drawingname>_#.dwg"where "#" is the sheet number, but "#"is an illegal character in the file namefield...

Of course I can use a prompt in my macro, but I need to export about 300 drawings. So I would like that the PCchange the new name itself...

Thanks for help,




New member
&dwg_name is one hard coded parameter for drawing name
&current_sheet will give you the active sheet number
&total_sheets will give you the total count of sheets

You may be able to use Pro/Batch to plot/print out all your drawings. I have never attempted such a process, perhaps someone else has?


New member
The only way I know to do it is to do a "save as", select format ".dwg", and "save".

Proe will and a trailer to the filename, "_1" for sheet one, "_2" for sheet 2, etc.

You will have to goto each sheet before saving. This will take some time, 5-15 seconds each, depending on complication of the drawing, but will give you seperate files, (and names), for each sheet.

Note: Before saving, look at all your options, i.e. "version #", "output as splines or curves", etc.