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Exploding an assembly


New member
Hi, is it possible to explode and assembly where it will limit the explode to the 1st level of the BoM. In other words I have an assembly which is made up of a couple sub-assemblies and I want the sub-assemblied to remain un exploded. I realise I can modify the explode and use copy position etc. but this takes forever. I just wonder if I'm missing a config option or something. Thanks, Greg


New member
It's not in the View Manager. The basic philosophy for orientations, simplified reps, view styles, and exploded views is that (1) you select components and apply actions to them using the View drop down menu, and (2) once you have the display the way you like it, finalize it using the View Manager.

I forget the WF commands (I'm not in front of a WF tube this week), but it's like View > Explode, and you should get a menu (menu manager?) with three choices: Edit Position (allows you to change component locations by moving them with respect to a reference), Offset Lines (the dashed lines to indicate how a component is assembled), and Explode State (which allows you to designate whether subassemblies are exploded or not. I haven't used the Explode State command in WF, but IIRC in 2001 it added an additional column to the model tree so you could specify your choice.