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exploded view detailing


New member
i am missing something while trying to make a drawing of an exploded assembly view, in assembly mode i just edit the explode positions to an optimum view position, then i create a new drawing with the assembly as a model.

when inserting a new drawing view into the sheet, i got to check the exploded option, when doing that i got a checkbox with a 'default' option in it, if unchecked the view i get is unexploded, if checked the view i get is exploded but with the default explode status proe did for the assembly, not the one i edited.

how should i transfer this position status with the model to get the same edited exploded view in the drawing?

i am using proe wildfire 2.0




New member
I am having the same problem as you. I modify the assembly exploded view in pro-assembly, then try to added to the drawing and for some reason the system

don't let me insert that view. Let me know if you find anything to this question

I am eager to find out from you what result you get .

Best Regards



New member
is there a plus sign next to the default explode after you edit it if so you need to Edit->update this will remove the Plus sign and update the Exploded view

It would be better to start a new Exploded then to use the Default.