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Everything is a blur.


New member
After months of begging, I have finally had a machine upgrade for running Proe2001.

Dell Precision 360, P4 3.2, 1G Ram, Nvidia Quadro FX3000 and 19 Ultra Sharp Flat Screen. I'm also running XP Professional.

When spinning and panning in proe the models blur. Is this a common problem with Flat Screen monitors?.

Would I be better grabbing my original 21 monitor before the vultures begin to gather around it.



New member
Dell precision 350 P4 2.6 1g ram ati firegl E1 19 ultrasharp flat panel XP pro

no discernable problems

is your video card set to pro/engineer or (gasp) solidworks?


New member
Cheers Brian, just checked the response rate with dell. The monitor response rate is 25ms hence the ghosting.

Bem, I download the latest drivers from nvidia and set the graphics card to Pro/engineer. No difference to the appearance or pro-engineer running. I think the problem is the screen response rate.

I had one major problem with the graphics settings to Pro-engineer. My fish looked like they were drowning on my aquarium screensaver. Changed the graphics card back and alls fine.

I think I will live with the slight ghosting as I have found the screen a lot easier on the eyes.

Thanks all.


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