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error in assembly


Errors in My models CONVEYOR


!*** ERR: parent 54 of feat 56 missing or suppressed

!*** ERR: parent 54 of feat 62 missing or suppressed

!*** ERR: parent 54 of feat 63 missing or suppressed

!*** ERR: parent 54 of feat 64 missing or suppressed

even when i suppress all features and parts this error still comes up.

any ideas how to fix it?

it turned up after i tried patterning a part, and then removed it. but
it was the last thing i added then removed. and nothing is referencing


New member
I had the same problem yesterday. Then I figure if Icreate another feature some how refrence to it let say making concentric hole, align thru a axis,surface or anything at all this will this pop up will show, so anyway I just deleted all and made the features completly independent.If there's another way to aviod this problem I will like to know about it.Buy the way puppet sorryI knowthis is a very cheap way to solve the problem.


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