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engraving text around a cylinder


New member
Is it possible engrave text 360 degrees around a cylindrical part - If so, how do I do it.


New member
i'm also not sure in doing this., just check out this., create text as datum curve., and then go for opertions using datum curve.,

if it doesn't come i'm really sorry., just try this, u may get.

with regards, karthik


New member
Following these steps (these will create a protrusion around the cylinder, for engraving a text the concept is the same):

1) Create a datum plate offset an arbitrary distance above the cylindrical surface.

2) Use the offset datum plane as a sketching plane, and enter your text; A sketcher coordinate system will be required.

3) Create>Tweak>Offset

Select the Offset Datum Plane created in Step 1 as the sketching plane and select the cylindrical surface for the surface to offset. Selecting either (SideNrmToSkt) or (SideNrmToSrf).

Good Luck...


New member
IMHO, the best would be to create a flat surface and to create the desired text (as draft offset or protrusion). What is important is the lenght of that surface, and it should be D*pi, where D is diameter of the cylinder.

In the next step bend this surface around the cylinder with the torodialbend command, and that should be it :)


New member
Engraving is easy. You just protrude a rectagular block its lenth is exactly equal to the circumference of the cylinder. Go for solid>cut>extrude> then go for TEXT in sketch mode. Now you are seeing the rectagular block in which text is engraved ok. then go for toroidal bend.


thank you



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