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Electrical Harnessing complications


New member

I am new to this forum, and somewhat new to solidworks routing. I am
currently using Solidworks 2009, and am attempting to put together a
wiring harness, but have run into a few (two really) annoying snags I hope
someone can help me with.

1) Although I set the propper wire color for each wire I assign, as soon as
I save (and inevitably "rebuild" the route assembly as it prompts me to
do) all the wires return to the default assembly grey color. None of the
wire colors are represented in the assembly after I save.

2) As a result of the same actions i took above, one wire's diameter in
the assembly blows up to twice it's original diameter before
saving/rebuilding. I do not understand why this is happening. No matter
what setting i toy right, (ie fix route diameter etc.) I cannot get this to
stop happening when I save/rebuild.

If anyone has any insight on this, please lend a helping hand. Thanks so


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