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Effects of complete submersion


New member
I have recently become involved in an offshore project where weight underwater is critical, does anybody know if and how pro-e can handle this requirement or of a suitable manual method?



Luis Aguirre

New member
Hello Art,

Could you be more specific about your question. What do you mean with Weight underwater is critical. Are you talking about the pressure of the water exertin on a object?



New member
Hi Luis

I am in the process of repackaging equipment for use at 1000+m deep and manipulated by ROV



rho=density of seaawater

Vol is volume of part/assembly

g=gravitational constant

ie. The Bouyancy force is equal to the weight of the fliud displaced.


Wow my typing is horrible today.

So the Weight topside: w=mg

and the perceived weight underwater



New member
I think in order to use mass properties in relations in Pro/E you need to have the BMX extension. That was a couple of years ago however.


New member
For your material densities, just reduce the values by the density of saltwater to get their weight underwater. If there are trapped gases, those weights will need to calculated using the density of saltwater and subtracted from the solid weight (unless Pro/e can handle negative densities). You can probably use the assembly merge operations to get the volume of the trapped air.


New member
Did any of you guys model an object floating in water, static analysis or similar. Maybesomone hasa few pointers how to do it, anything is appreciated

Klemen Er


New member
I found this on one of the posts there by a person called quinterow,

"Besides Pro/Mechanica for structural analysis, BMX is used for calculating bouyancy centres, waterlines and righting moments for boats, in BMX course there is an excersise for this. "

[url]http://www.mcadcentral.com/proe/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=23 178&KW=quinterow&PN=0&TPN=1 [/url]

I Pm'd him to ask him about it but as yet, no responce, if any body else knows please post here!

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