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Edge-Flange_How To Do .....?


New member
In Sheet metal, I am trying to create an Edge-Flange of a narrower
length than from the edge it is taken from. I am not talking about the
Offset length, but rather the overall length of the sheet metal ( new )
flange being created. For example, say the part length is 100 MM, and
that is the original length the Edge Flange is taken from. I want either
end of the new Edge Flange to be fore-shortened by, say, 20 MM, for a
total length of 60 MM.

In the tutorial it states:

-- Under Flange Parameters, click Edit Flange Profile to display the Profile Sketch dialog box.

-- Select the end points along the base flange (inside edge) and drag
them towards the center as shown. Repositioning the end points removes
the relation between the width of the base flange and the width of the
edge flange. Click Smart Dimension (Dimensions-Relations toolbar) and
dimension the edge flange as shown. Click Finish.

Only, when I try to do that, I get an error when I try to


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