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Dwg BOM tables & qty


New member
The regular tables do not allow you to list different qty's for each instance.

Has anyone come up with a good way to display family tabled information, specifically components, that have a different qty infor instance?

For example, when a Worksurface gets longer, you may want to have 4 legs for a 4 foot, and 6 legs for a 10 foot.



New member
First, This is not the right place to put your queries regarding the Drawing. and you can acheive your requirement by using 2d repeat region option. Suggest you to have a look at the pro/Engineer help for repeat region.


Deepak Bhat


New member
Yes, if you search on the PTC website i believe there is a 30 min long video on how to create a BOM for family tables. But i do believe that you can not mix and match tables. For example your table could not contain the main assembly model as one line (with qty 1) and then the following line have legs (with qty 4) or 6.....or whatever. Pro.e seems to not be able to mix stuff (ex assembly, parts, and family instances) in the table. I have had this problem also. I was not able to find a satisfactory solution other than just refering on the drawing to another page where the BOM for the family instance was.