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drw to pdf


New member
Before now i have used ghostscript to create pdfs from proe drawings. now when we migrated to wildfire, it won't let me access the acrobat pcf file, and my mapkey doesnt' work anymore it only lets me print to ms print manager.

any suggesstions?


New member
You could set up a plotter file so that when you select pdf or whatever you want to call it you can print to file and send it to a watched folder. Keep Adobe Distiller running on a server and just set up the Watched Folder to wherever you are sending the .plt files. We used this method with great success as a form of document control to meet ISO standards. Just a suggestion.


New member
Set up acrobat distiller as a printer and select it from the ms print manager pull down.

You also have to select the size if you want it other than the default drawing and depending on the setup of distiller you might have to select paper size under advanced options from the printer box.



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