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Drawings in Wildfire


New member
It seems the transition to Wildfire is not entirely painless.

1. When dimensioning circles, holes, or arcs, ( in sketches and drawings), the dimension automatically comes up as a radius. I can find no way to change this to a diameter. Right now, the solution is to place a note, which is troubling, if i change the hole size, I must remember to change the note.

2. On drawings, I can't get a hole center target to appear. On-line help says to simply turn on Axis, but that has no effect at all.


New member
When you are dimensioning an arc, cirle or hole, click on the entity twice (just like 2001) and MMB where you want the dimension. It works the same way. I haven't had a problem yet dimensioning those.


New member
Left mouse click the circle twice for a diameter dimension. Sometimes you don't have an axis to show and clip. I often use extending the dimension extension line through the circle/arc and using the break command. Many times you will have extension lines over extension lines. I then use the break command and choose the last possible extension line and break it completely. I keep using this until one dimension extension line is left. I then break it to look like a centerline or whatever line font I want. I wish ptc would add an option to change dimension extension lines to line fonts :(


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