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New member
When im plotting the line weight is not changing and the line is so thick.

I need a detailed step by step procedure to change the line weight while plotting.


New member
Try Changing the line weitht config option.

pen1_line_weight 2 (I use the this one)

pen1_line_weight 1 (If the lines are still to heavy use this one)

Wildfire 2.0 M030 or M020 had a bug that would not let you change the line weight.




New member
Im working in Pro-E 2001, i could not find the (pen1_line_weight 2, pen1_line_weight 1) that you specified in the config options.

Please guide me to change the line weight


Another way is to use an externalpen mapping file:

Take this zip file... 2004-10-14_044807_table.zip.. and copy table.pntto a directory of your choice onyour HD.

Table.pnt is an ASCII text file that containspen weight info for plotting drawing objects. There are other settings you can put in this file, however for my needs I just use thetwo entriesas my plot requirementsare very simple. To change the lineweights, just update the numeric values...my settings are in inches, I believe you will need to change to MM if that is the system of units you are working with...

Next try printing. Select "CONFIGURE" on the "PRINT" dialog box..

View attachment 460

Nowcheck the "Table File" check box to activate this functionand type in the complete path to the table.pnt file that is now on your hard disk...make sure you type the complete path to avoid errors...

View attachment 461

...if you would like to save this configuration for later use, select "SAVE" and save this configuration as a .pcf file to be used for future plots.

Enjoy! -RH


New member
Thank you ! RICHH !!!

Ihave changed the Line Wight in Plotting, Now im able to plot the files as per my style...

Thanks a Lot...