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Drawing Views


New member
In Wildfire I am setting up a drawing with a rather large model. I need to show a door open / door closed scenario. How can I designate the model to the other family table member for the open door scenario without screwing up my views with the closed doors?


u could have also done this with mechanism. moving the door to the
correct position and taking a snap shot. then recalling them inthe

u could even make a video of it.


New member
Thanks for the reply...

I do not believe that we have a liscense for Pro Mechanism at this point and time though.


New member
In 2001
If you have a family table, one model with door closed, one with door open... Views>Dwg Models>Add Model to add the open door model to the drawing. Views>Dwg Models>Set Model and make sure your open door is the current model. When you add a view, Pro/E behaves like you do not have views on the print because it is of the different model.If I have not explained well enough, let me know. I think you have figured out the process by now?

A simplified rep is also an option, but you would have to assembly the door twice. With the above option, you only need one door with a variable door angle.