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drawing view to dxf


New member
Hi all,

I would like to save only one view (main view) of a Pro/E drawing to
dxf. I know that is a command: save as... and dxf, but it saves
everything: all views, dims, notes, frames, etc. I need only one view
and only the geometry lines. We have hundreds of drawings, and for a
laser cut machine we need a dxf from the main view, but it is too big
work to open all of the dxfs and delete the unneeded things. Could
somebody help me? Thanks,

Peter Bo


interesting, we often get stuff laser cut and they dont care if there
is extra information on the drawing as they only reference which is

i guess the trick is knowing which view :) depending on your standards


New member
We also do a lot of laser stuff. I think there are two issues here. The first one is the conversion from PRO/E to DXF - no unknowns here. Just to mention that some of the information you don't want can be quite useful, like tolerances, datums, and so on. The second issue is to provide your post-processor with proper information. It can normally interpret only lines and arcs. This is where thedimensions get in the way. If I wouldtake a guess, I would look into the NC-Processing module - but I don't have any experience with it.

Regards, Mihai.


New member

I sometimes save Pro/E drawing to dxf & I found a way to save a certain view only, just erase a particular view in which you don't want to include, just erase the view not delete so that you can resume it anytime you want, also just blank the sheet format so that frames will not be included in converting to dxf,for dimentions, notes,etc. just hide it from layers.
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New member

sorry, I was a bit busy, but I am back. The solution we found is easy
like jayuy's solution. We make an extra view outside of the frame from
the developed plate in scale 1:1 and export to dxf. The Programmer
delete the frame and everithing inside it, this is only one click. The
most elegant way could be the saving only a view to dxf, but
unfortunatelly this is not part of ProE yet. Maybe in the future.
Until that we make on this way. Thank you for helping me!

Best regards,

Peter Bo


Put an extra view on a separate sheet with no format, dimensions or notes at scale 1:1 & save as dxf. Only the current sheet is output.


New member
We count the sheets on the format, and the blue collar workers would
search for the extra sheets. The time will answer our questions, but
now this seems the best sollution.


New member
make a seperate drawing, pop in the desired view as 1/1, delete the
format, snapshot the view, and delete all the unwanted lines, and save
as a .dxf

and there you go!<img>