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drawing template


New member
I want to make Drawing template for my company. I need to add Automatic Dates, Scaling, Checked and modified by in my template. Right now i am using with manual changing each time. it is lethargic. can anyone tell me about template making like we are making BOM with repeat region? please reply me soon. i need it urgently. I am using wf2.0 or 1.


Active member
First of all this topic comes under drawing not modeling. Second if you are using legal software you must have tutorials to cover that.

This forum you should use for a specific question not as a tutor.



someone just posted a request for a drawing template example. and one
was uploaded so you might want to do a search for what ur asking for,

also you might want to look into making a "map-key" / "key-map" to
replace ur old template to the "new" one. A map-key is like a alias. u
press 1 button and a series of commands is triggered. which is very
helpful. i use one to update old drawing templates to a more current

also there is some pretty good help files that comes with pro-e and explaines heaps with examples on how you would go about it.

Israr is right though you should really try to ask specific questions
and try to give as much detail in the question as possible to make it
easily understood.