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drawing parameters


New member
I need a little help here. I'm trying to configure some part and
drawing templates and I'm running into a problem. I want to set a
parameter in the part template that will grab the name of the part file
without the file extension. For example, if I had a part named
81030.prt, the MOD_NAME parameter would be 81030. I want to use this in
parameter in the drawing so that the name shown in the drawing will be
correct regardless of the name of the drawing.

Is there some sort of global parameter for the part that I can use for
this? I know there is a parameter called PTC_COMMON_NAME, but this
creates a name with the file extension (i.e. 81030.prt). Anyone got any


New member
if you just need it the drawing then .. &model_name will do..

What I did was set a relation in my start part mname=rel_model_name

that creates it as a parameter.. then I make a 3d note off that parameter.. since it's a relation.. it doesn't appear until a geo. regen occurs... all this is in the start part

so if I create a assy. then all parts show their names automatically...toggle 3d notes on and off if it gets too busy..

either way .. which ever way you go .. if it's in a assy drw.. then you need the id num.....&model_name:0... or &mname:2...etc