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Drawing Formats (symbols or formats)


New member
I am intrested in what the majority of users do with respect to the use of company drawing formats. I have always used formats (.frm), but have been caught a couple of times when the format was not sent to the supplier with the part and drawing.

My thinking is that a symbol would be better for this type of application because it becomes part of the drawing (.drw). Can symbols read in part and assembly parameters like formats (.frm)? Is there functionality loss or gain with either method?

I would like to see examples of the symbol method if anyone is doing that.

I believe that all symbols cannot read in information form models or assemblies. You might want to try Autocad!
I've never heard of anyone trying to put the border in the drawing template. That is why the format file was created.

On the bright side Wildfire provides an e-mail icon that captures everything needed (parts, assemblies, drawings, and formats) in a zip file and attaches it to an outgoing e-mail message. I've used it, it works. So in the near future you won't have to remember to include the format.


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