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drawing file setup


ive changed my preference in the drawing files.. but i can not get it to auto load up my prefernce as default when ever i am making a drawing file.

i saved my changes as a new file new.dtl kept in

c:\wf\my options\new.dtl

is the space in the my options a problem ?
you need to put your new.dtl in the text directory where your is lying.

C:\wf\text\new.dtl and point this path in the pro/detail configuaration option in your

also, the new dtl file will load with new drawings, but not with previously created drawings as there will be a snapshot of a previous dtl file being carried around with the existing drawing

RMB the drawing>Properties>Drawing Options, then choose the new dtl file.

In set the the proper folder where your dtl file exists by setting the following variable:


Also, please remove the SPACE character from MY OPTION folder. Pro/E is sensible to spaces. Use underscore instead.

It's maybe worth making a mapkey to set the DTL file... We have several groups and we can switch between drawing setup with a simple mapkey / menu-pick. All they do is browse for the specific .dtl file.