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Drawing Cross Hatching


Sometimes drawing cross hatching in assemblies shows up twice in a given component. Does anyone know if this is a glitch? The only work around I can find is to make them both the same spacing, orientation etc, but you cannot remove one of them. We are running 2002430 but we have had problems with older versions, releases.
Are you sure you don't have 2 components in the same place? I've never had this problem, but it doesn't suprise me. Instead of matching the spacing, why not space one of the components hatching out of the veiw.
I have the same problem but only with an offset X-section. With planar ones everything is o.k. The problem is that one hatching is a phantom and if it has some stupid space or angle it looks very irritating on drawing. The only solution that I found is to delete the problematic X-section and create another on the same place or a few mm further. Sometimes it helps only if I do it a few days later (I don't know why).Hope it helps.
i had never had this problem instead of matching one hatching with other u can exclude component so that one hatching vanish and iother remain
Several of our users have had this problem. I read somewhere that if you have a material assigned to a part that Pro/e will assign a crosshatching that matches that material along with the crosshatching that Pro/E assigns the X-section. So it will show double X-section to that part on the drawing view. That's the only thing I've been able to find that makes any sense at this point.
I have seen this with instances of family table driven assemblies that automatically replace table driven parts. I think one of the cross hatchings is a phantom generic part.
I've seen this happen too.

I'm using Pro/E 2001. What I do to get rid of the extra hatching is select the hatching, RMB to properties. In the hatching menu, choose delete line, and pick one of the lines. It will then be deleted, and you will be left with just one set of hatch lines.


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