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Drawing ’Setup’ file options


New member
Is there adocumentavailable, thatshows all optionsthat can be set ?

I want to be able to set my default view displays to -

'Hidden' and 'No Tan Disp'

I don't want tochange the settings every time I create a new view.


model_display_for_new_views HIDDEN

tan_edge_display_for_new_views NO_DISP_TAN

Put these in your default drawing detail setupfile (*.dtl)

Find all the options in Pro/E Full Help\Pro/DETAIL\Setting Up and Configuring Drawings\Drawing Setup File Options
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New member
Thanks -All, forthe help -

I found that using model_display_for_new_views HIDDEN , one of the suggestion fromdr_gallup - needs to have HIDDEN_LINE as the value.

Else the value is DEFAULT
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