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New member
When using the Draft feature in Pro-E it removes material. Can something be done to create Draft without removing material?


New member
Can u please elaborate on ur requirement.Draft feature adds or removes material depending on the draft angle .Draft is a manufacturing requirement which assists in easy ejection of the omponent from the mold,Without removal or addition of material i dont think we can create a taper.


New member
Usually the Draft must add material because it is next beyond base geometry. You must to select the correct edge(that hinge), sens, and surface for add material. If you need more help – may by explicit.


New member
i think what caylianr is trying to do is more or less rotate a surface. by rotating a surface, no material would be removed. if this is the case, the draft command is the wrong command anyway. to accomplish this, you could either redefine the creation of the surface in question, or you can actually rotate surface by using the Feature--Copy command or possible the transform command under the surface options.