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Does (or can) Wildfire use multi-treading kernel ....


New member
Hi guys ....

Just a quick question. Does (or can) Wild fire use a multi-threading kernel?. We are yet to move to wild fire and are still on Proe 2001 (we want to wait till they debug Ilink 3.3).

I always look wuth some curiosity at the CPU usage in the task manager when regening a large model, and wonder why we are only using 1 CPU....

just curious.



New member
I know your talking about Wildfire, but when I purchased 2001 I was told by PTC that it does support dual processors. I went out and bought 10 dual processor Dell's on the strength of it!

Are you saying that they have downgraded Wildfire or was I duped??


New member
Sorry BopP:

Proe2001 doesn't use an SMP (multi-threading) kernel. I have heard PTC sales reps say that Proe can run on one CPU while Intralink sits on the other processor but in reality the best I have seen is about 55 percent total combined CPU utilization under 2001 on a dirty great stinking HP dual Xeon 3.06 Gig grunt box.

It seems to me to be a waste when a 3.0 gig (800 Mhz FSB) generic box with the same display card returns specs that are only about10 percent slower, while showing 100 percent CPU utilization.

The cost penalty just doesn


For those out there with Dual Processors...

I grabbed this little utility off the internet at the suggestion of someone on the exploder (may have been Gerry Champoux), but it is pretty slick.

It gives you much more control over which processes use which processors instead of letting Windows decide. As opposed to the CPU affinity settings, this program lets you totally isolate processes which could be a good thing.



New member
Pro concept seems to use both when rendering but it doesnt make a difference in wildfire.

I havent had a chance to use the utility that Brian mentioned yet because I am planning to ditch my machine and buy a new one with a single processor anyway.

On that note... will 64 bit make any difference for someone who doesnt use mechanica?