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Displaying simp Reps in a drawing


New member
Creo 5

I have a drawing of a conveyor ( the conveyor stays the same) but my reps display different products assemble on that conveyor. I am up to 12 sheets just to show each product on the conveyor, then I have 33 more sheets of conveyor details, and you can guess the drawing is very slow to load. I had a thought, could I have one view of the conveyor with a product call it rep1 and create an "on the drawing list of the reps" 1 through 12, that will just change the view to the correct rep? which makes 1 sheet instead of 12. I know I can go to views and switch the viewed rep, I would like a table on the drawing that will allow the reps to be changed without going into properties , view. etc. If this worked in creo view for non users even a bigger plus. I was thinking possibly a repeat region table but not sure what to call. If I had that I could use this on multiple drawings to open reps by adding my table. We do a lot of multiple rep drawings and some are up to 60+ sheets.
Any solutions or Ideas appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


New member
I do not think Creo can do the task yet. I think there is no way to pull simp-rep names. Advise contacting PTC support.