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Display Settings


New member
Three things I wish to enquire about display settings in Pro E

Laptop Sony VAIO Z1VGP
Centrino Chip
WinXP pro, service pack 1
Running ProE WildFire2.0
Currently modeling single simple objects or parts.

The first time it runs it opens parts, drawings They are fine.
When you open the second part or drawing, the graphic window scrambles/blurs.
First ProE window is still OK.

Problem can be solved by just closing ProE. Then restarting proE
Meaning I can only have one window open or doing one part or drawing at a time. Which is annoying is you're revising on specs.

Also affects inserting symbols - when a second windows opens. Or sectioning on a user defining path (2nd window open, allowing sketching of user define sectioning)

Anyone seen this problem or solved it?

This problem is to do with drawing, Refresh rate - or how ProE redraws the screen.
Is when in drawing or sketching. ProE tries to predict, where equal lines are, contruction lines, angles, H lines or V lines etc.
It generaly a bit slow and flickering which means I cannot sketch my lines quickly.

Anyone know where and what is the name of the setting in options that allows the adjustment of this problem.

[3] Finally this has nothing to do with display. But want to know where configuration files are hidden in proE directory. I downloaded a config file with mm and tolerance settings. But don't know where to replace the file.
Seems proE saves edited settings as a new file, which you have to load every time. Anyway to automate this process?


Active member
First you need to know what is config.pro file. Read it fromt the help installed on your system.

2nd you need to know where to place config.pro file. mak necessary configurations option saved in your config.pro files and save it in the text directory of your proe installation.

After this include the following options to your config.pro files;

graphics win32_gdi

prehighlight No

edge_display_quality low

These settings will solve your problem of flickerings.

Another suggestion is ;

right click in the desktop area then Sttings then advanced then troubleshoot

drag the bar position to middle to decrease the hardware acceleration.

I hope this helps.



New member
Excellent!!! saved one config.pro file into working directory. Changed graphics= win32_gdi.ProE is able to open two parts without fuzziness.

BUT at a cost

ProEis unable to show lines in Drawings. All view is enclosed in a red square without part lines showing. Even the pintingarea (whiteboarderline) are not shown.

Still there is good news -

Following the method of

right click in the desktop area then Settings>Advanced>Troubleshoot. Drag slider bar to middle. It seems to perform better, when dragging aselection boxor putting points it responds better.

I just checked that moving part views around in Drawing and moving dimensions are responding even better. (A problem i forgot to mention)

Still having slow problems in drawing lines in making drawing templates. Know the setting of that?

Thank You Israr for saving countless hours because of your tip.

Two things I like to know.


I still haven't found the original config.pro file (should be in D:\ProE\Text) and there should be another copy in login directory (where is that in XP pro?).

Reading around forums, there is also .Bat file that copies the config.pro and replacing it.(Creates another heap of problems)I'd like to know the name of that .bat file


Search through help for OpenGl, X_windows, starbase xgl, win32_gdi. Nothing. Need to know their differences?


New member
Config.pro file is usually in your default working directory. Try to findthe filefrom windows (start/search/for files or folders), write the name (config*) and clik search. If you find him you can overwrite the file with the downloaded config file. This file must be for the same version of ProE.

Also you can check out from ProE (utilities/option) and under "Showing" it must be the path of your config file that is in session.

I hope you will solve your problem with this.