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Display port on Dell M6500


New member
Hi Folks,
I was looking at a friend's Dell M6500 which he has just bought. He does not use ProE rather he uses surveying software (no surprise as that is his job).

However the thing that intrigued me was the display port on the side. Not sure what this is called but not the DB15 VGA port. He was looking to connect up to a HD TV and was able to buy a cheap dongle that converted this display port into HDMI and this included sound. The big benefit I see for this for ProE is being able to obtain (by fair means or foul) a large Full HD (1920x1080) TV and connect it up to the workstation for doing review type work where you want six or so people clustered around a screen. Price of a Full HD LCD TV is now less than USD750 equivalent so this is really attractive.

I suppose it could be a monster workstation screen too (who remembers their drawing board that took A0 (approx E) sized tracing paper? Ahh, the bad old days

Certainly something we will be considering in our next hardware round.



You can use the display port with any modern monitor. I'm currently running two 24" monitors at 1920x1200. Better than HDTV. No point in using bigger screens, they will look crappy close up.