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Display family table data in a drawingBoM


New member
I've created an assembly model which takes a number of parts and assembles them there are a total of 200 assemblies, these are controlled by a family table. One of the parts is a shaped label , there are 5 different basicshapes of label but each labelhas a unique part norelated to the assembly.

The problem I have is that the BoM displays all the data correctly EXCEPT for the label part no , it showsone of the 5 model names. I want to change that to the unique label part no which is stored in the assembly family table.

I've readall I can about using relations to change elements of a BoM but none of it appears to work.

Does anyone have any advise or could point me to a good tutorial on the subject.

Thanks in anticipation

PeterJ Francis


New member
The BOM can be driven by only one model at a time. The number for your label should be theonecurrent in the assembly driving the BOM. You need to go "TABLE", "REPEAT REGION", "MODEL/REP" and pick an instance of your assembly to get the unique label number for that assembly. It also depends what the BOM table is calling out. Are you using a user parameter for part number, or just the model name? For family table assemblies, you need to either have a chart indicating the unique label for each assembly, (you can do this with a 2D repeat region, or just make a table and fill in the values) or have multiple sheets with each assembly instance driving a BOM on each sheet, or use off-drawing parts lists. You can go "TABLE", "SAVE/RETREIVE", "STORE TEXT" and click on the BOM table to get a space delimited text file.