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Disoriented views


New member
Dear Friends,

I am working on very big assemblies in proe 2001, some times i find the views disoriented when i reopen the drawing. I did not get the views in the same state in which the drawing was saved. In some cases the section arrows moves to another place and the section moves to new place.

Canu peoples tell me why this happens and what are theprecausions which can be takento avoid such problem.


[email protected]


New member

1.While working with assemblies u may have changed the orientation of the views in the assm.

2.u may have modified or changed the ref. of some datums which u might have used to orient the views in the drw.


New member
Thismust bea bug in 2001. We also have drawings where the section arrows move and views do not display properly. We have not found a solution. Right now we have to reposition the view arrows and re-orient the messed up views. This must be done every time you want change the drawing. The assemblies are also large.


New member
If you add or move components in your asm you can make the drawing border bigger or smaller some time this will cause your views to move

You can set the origin point to a part you are sure will not be changing or moving I forget how to do this in 2001 but that will also keep you vies from moving

If you make a datum for a section try to use the default datums as refs.