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Disappearing filenames downloading to remote client...


New member
When downloading from data server using Pro/Intralink to a remote client (laptop) the names revert back to the inital name used eliminating the link between the assemblies and drawings.

Can anyone suggest a method of downloading to client were this issue would not occur?

Thanks in advance..


New member
I contacted PTC this morning, here's the fix:

This will link Pro/Intralink through Pro/Engineer:

Right click mouse on your Pro/E Icon

In theTarget field after the path and name of the batch file to start Pro/E add: <space>-w<name of working directory>

Right click mouse on My Computer; Properties

Click the Advanced Tab (for WIN2000)

Click Environment Variables

Add System Variable

In the variable field type PDM_LDB_PATH

In the value field type the directory in which your .proi directory is located, ie c:\

ie. /proe2001.bat -wassembly

This is case sensitive, match your directory exactly

This process will have to be done for each working directory in the .proi directory. The best way to accomplish this is by making a copy of your icon to start the Pro/E application adding the information above. Remember to leave one icon without the added information