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New member
I'm trying to add dimensions to my drawing however I want to change the value after it is displayed. Can I do this? How? Also I want to put a view on a C sized print and I want the view to be larger than it is without changing the scale, how do I do this? I'm using ProE i^2 student edition


New member
You can enter dimensions in two ways.
Show the model driven dimensions by using "Show/Erase" If you want to change them you will also change the model. right-click on the dimension and choose "properties" then "nominal value"

If you want to change values without changing the model you will have to create dims in yhe drawing. Then right-click on the dimension and choose "properties" the "dimension text". Replace the string @D with @O (O for omit). Then you can enter whatever you like.

You can have different scales in different views(not projcted views, they will be same as main view).
Just choose scale when creating the view and you can enter your scale.
(Not sure if this is your intent but its the only way I know)