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Dimensions on 3d views?


New member
I've created a drawing that has multiple models shown in 3D (isometric) views. I would like to show the overall dimensions of the objects, but Pro won't 'show' dims on the views if they are not perpendicular to the screen.

I created dims on the views and, surprise..., Pro showed the dimension as the length relative to the angle of the view. i.e. if the view is tilted 45 degrees, the length would show as 1/2 the actual length.

Does anyone know how to show or create the correct dims on 3D views.

(BTW, I'm running v2001)


New member
scubadude said:

Thanx a bunch. Worked perfectly.

What happened there? What worked perfectly? I show an ISO view of all
my Insert drawings showing critical depths and this topic kind of
interests me. But I don't see the message where the answer was


New member
Interesting... I got an answere from "sudhishjoseph" and it worked great. Don't know what happened to it though. Here's what he said...

There is a parameter in the drawing setup file that governs whether 3d dims are allowed. In v2001, click

Advanced>Draw Setup

Then look for this parameter and set it to yes (default is NO)

allow_3d_dimensions = yes

Then Show/Erase will get you the dims you want. If you want this to be the norm, you'll need to save the .dtl fileand make it your default.


New member
sorry guys,

I had posted the method and after a minute I thought that was not scubadue wanted. so I deletd the post. My aplogies once again.

Great to hear scubadue that it was of help.




New member
I'm running Wildfire 2.0 and the parameter change in the drawing setup file does not work. I've tried it. Does anybody know if this can be done?